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After parking my bike for 2 or more days, I'm getting a tiny (1") spot on the ground under my bike that's coming from the outermost breather hose behind the right footpeg. It doesn't feel wet when running, so it's not a constant stream, just an 1/8th of a teaspoon or something draining after being parked for a few days.

Has anyone else had problems with this, or does anyone know what can cause this? It didn't happen until I had the 16k valve adjustment, but it's also a possibility that the technician overfilled the oil a tad too... I ended up taking out about 1/10th of a quart. The bike does sit outside (under a black cover). Also, the problem didn't occur until the weather started staying consistently in the mid 80s-90s.

If the crankcase breather vents into the airbox, what are the 3 hoses behind the right footpeg for? The service manual makes no mention of them, unless I'm not looking in the right place.

If I find out more information, I'll pass it along. Until then, please post with your thoughts :).
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