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Did a review before the loss of the old info.

I loved this film. First off, I have almost every song on the soundtrack already, so I'm a little predisposed to anything punk. It was like watching a documentary on my own punk roots.

SLC is a great place for a movie about punks, because face it, if any city needs to be dissolved in violent anarchy, it's SLC.
There are alot of introspectives and narrations in the film that really hammer home the searching Matthew Lilard's character is doing in his life. But all that 'coming of age' crap is broken up with sheer comedy and some great tunes.
Great part: the narration about the UK vs US punk thing.
The weakest part of the film: Lilard's fake a$$ crying when he finds Bob dead. Some of the worst fake crying I've ever seen. And the scene goes on forever.
Great bit #2: Devon Sawa tripped out of his skull in front of his house. "Bob, you ARE Jesus!"

If you don't know GBH from TLC, this may not float your boat. But if you named your cat Sid Vicious-Kitty, had a cat named Johnny Rotten-Cat, a dog named after the Dropkick Murphys, and an Agent Orange CD in your car- you're gonna relate to this movie in a big way.
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