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A few words of wisdom first:

- if you are doing it yourself, don't even think about not removing the fairing side panels - I tried it, too hard, too limited clearance for a solo operation

- don't lay the fairings in the leaves, because after you find a piece of foam, you'll have to remove the fairing again to put it back, not to mention if you lose a timmerman clip you will NOT find it :rolleyes:

- The directions aren't too bad, just don't take them for gospel. They call for a 19mm socket, but you actually need an 18 & a 19, for example.

- get a magnetic extendable wand - very nice to have!

- the posts are a different thread, so you can't reuse the stock nuts

- pay attention to what fairing bolts go where, and where tabbed pieces fit together

- there are hidden bolts under the top fairing panels. Undo the bolts by the gas tank to get the panel loose enough to get the bolt below

- the Sky King bolts are pre-crushed, so expect some resistance threading them on

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