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What do you get when you take the a Sidi Vertigo and cut it down to ankle height? The Sidi Apex. There many options in the low-rise boot category, and they range from very casual to quite technical. Being based on the Vertigo means that the Apex is on the technical end of the spectrum, and offer a lot of protection in a shorter, convenient package.

Protection starts right near the top of these short boots, with thermoplastic resin protectors on the sides of the ankle bones, and Sidi’s patented Vertebra system running down the back. This wraps your Achilles tendon in a hard shell that extends down to the reinforced, shock absorbing heel cup. At the front, a rigid toe box and nylon toe slider keeps your toes safe. Less visible protection is found underneath your foot, where Sidi used a composite inner sole to guard your foot against side-to-side compression. Like many of Sidi’s boots, exterior armor pieces such as the ankle protectors, heel cup and toe sliders are all bolt on pieces that can be replaced if they take damage. This, along with the replaceable sole and double stitching makes them durable as well.

In addition to the protective elements, the first thing that most people notice are the closable vents on the outer side of each boot. Reminiscent of the ram air intakes on the shaker hood of an early 1970’s Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda, these vents catch air from the side and force it throughout the breathable lining of the boot. Any moisture that may have built up around your foot is pushed to the breathable outer liner, which is made of a proprietary material that Sidi calls TechnoMicro, where it is quickly dried. The TechnoMicro material looks and feels like high-quality leather, but it is extremely breathable, lightweight, and stain/scratch resistant. Other comfort features include a nylon inner sole with removable arch support, and a perforated memory foam lining on the inner ankle.

Sidi’s Apex is a great pair of boots for those that are looking for something shorter and more convenient than a full length pair, but don’t want to sacrifice too much in the way of protection. You can order a pair for yourself by getting in touch with Brad through this forum, or by calling him at 866.931.6644 ext. 810. You can also feel free to send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

MSRP $250.00

Large vents on the outside of each boot catch air and circulate it throughout the inside of the boots, keeping your feet cool and dry. They are fully adjustable and can be closed if the extra ventilation is not needed.

The back half of your foot is kept safe by Sidi’s Vertebra system, thermoplastic ankle armor and a shock absorbing heel cup - all of which are replaceable.

In addition to the reinforced toe box, a replaceable toe slider helps guard the front.

The dual compound sole provides impact protection and excellent feedback from the footpegs. These can also be replaced by Sidi.

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