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Shopping repo auctions for bikes

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Anyone think this is a bad idea. Ive been finding some pretty good deals. The only thing bad is Ill probly spend a lot of time tryin to find the right situation as its an auction so the highest bidder gets it. Ive gotta figure within the next year I will find my deal.
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The only thing i would worry about is the title. if your looking for a stunt bike, then it might be a good deal. unless it has an insurable title, I wouldn't mess with it.

As for the typical condition of recovered bikes, im clueless. If it was recovered i would think it would be found in a ditch. But if you catch an auction on the right day, you might walk away with a steal....

no pun intended
toolowsol said:
i would be worried about the dude who used to own it seeing you riding it and kicking your ass lol

:eek:nfloor :eek:nfloor

wouldn't that suck, your just riding around, stop to get a cheeseburger, and some dude comes up on ya tryin to fight.

i dont know why i though recovered/stolen. repo'd bikes should come with all paperwork, at least i would hope so
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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