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Shoei RF-1000 fog?

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I just bought my first bike, I also just bought my first helmet. I bought a RF-1000, and I love the feel of it. I hate the fact i can't put the shield down, because after my first breath the shield becomes covered. They told me when I bought it, all the air vents prevent the inside from fog, WRONG!!! Even at 50mph, same thing happens. I have tried every fog wipe, spray, whatever, and nothing, I mean nothing works.

Anyone had any luck with the PinLock shield system???

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Mine only fogs when I look down while breathing. By down, I mean down at my gas tank or to make sure my fly is zipped. The fog is immediately gone the second I look up. I think it also happens when I look left or right in a certain position and fogs only on one side when I do that but the fog is also gone almost immediately. I use the breath guard (as mentioned, it comes standard) and the chin webbing thing (also standard). Doesn't seem to matter if I have the vents opened or not. I'm sure it would happen less with vents open... I just haven't noticed.. Also seems that it happens much less now that it's getting warmer and maybe not at all anymore... now that I think about it.

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