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Shoei RF-1000 fog?

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I just bought my first bike, I also just bought my first helmet. I bought a RF-1000, and I love the feel of it. I hate the fact i can't put the shield down, because after my first breath the shield becomes covered. They told me when I bought it, all the air vents prevent the inside from fog, WRONG!!! Even at 50mph, same thing happens. I have tried every fog wipe, spray, whatever, and nothing, I mean nothing works.

Anyone had any luck with the PinLock shield system???

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+ 1 for the breath guard which might even come standard with the RF-1000.

This may sound really lame, but I've also noticed that new riders tend to breathe heavily. I did as well. Try to pay attention to your breathing and exhale downward. Train yourself not to fog up the shield. Also make sure that both the chin and eyebrow vents are both open. :)
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