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I am trading my R6 in. I have some things that are still of the bike if you are interested in coming and taking them off, then they are yours, im getting rid of these things wicked cheap.

Chrome Rims and Chrome Swing Arm - $350 for both, if you have stock ones to put back on.

Micron Red to Black Fade High-Mount Exhaust scratched a little - $125, don't need the stock one you just have to put my stock one back on.

Power-Commander - $125 you uninstall it.

Rattler 100 Alarm - $50 you uninstall it.

Black Tinted windscreen - $10 in exchange for your stock one.

Gregg's Custom Flush-Mount - $25 in exchange for something to replace them, you uninstall them.

Call my cell if your interested 863-860-8367
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