2013 DUCATI HYPERSTRADA 821 extremely well equipped
I’m selling my beloved Hyperstrada with only 49XX miles, adult owned and babied like no other. Excessive oil changes at less than 2k miles and such.
!!! Disclaimer: The Termignioni badge on the muffler is only a badge!!! Muffler is stock; still sounds great.
It comes with:
New oil and filter Shell + KNM
New fork oil (Ohlins)
New Tires (Michelin Road 5)
New Battery (Yuasa AGM)
New Spark Plugs NGK – genuine (old ones provided and still perfect)
New rear brake pads (BREMBO) – front pads are included in their original package (EBS -double sintered). Replacement is currently far from being needed.
Second seat – race seat by Ducati (genuine) with gel insert
Dashcam system front and rear with controls for immortalizing event permanently
Fender eliminator kit
LED turn signals on hand guard front by Ducati and by KOSO for the rear
LED headlight
Adjustable foot pegs (stock included)
Converted to street (more like Hypermotard), easy back conversion to luggage rack and windshield. All parts included
Ohlins steering damper kit with DUCABIKE mounts
DUCABIKE control levers (Stock ones included) + second aftermarket lever pair.
Gear indicator. This bike does not have a gear indicator from factory!!!
TPMS monitoring system with real time tire pressure and temperature. Alarm for low and high tire pressure, Alarm for sudden pressure loss
Separate display for outdoor temperature, time and voltage. The bike is equipped with these, but it’s more convenient to have it on screen at all times.
POWERCOMMANDER 5 and Dyno tuned. (Tuned at two wheels Dyno in Kirkland WA) Eliminated the characteristic shaking at low rpm. Runs smooth as butter and delivers one HP more than the 2022 model at 117HP – This feature can be reversed to stock within 30 min.
Bar-end mirrors (original mirrors included)
Clutch upgrade to late model one – kit. Eliminated the jerking typical to the 821. Really smooth.
Carbon fiber covers to cover the missing luggage rack if converted to street – luggage rack included.
Puig touring screen – never used Offers better wind protection on freeway when touring.
DUCATI screen eliminator – presently on the bike – stock screen included.
Garage door opener – will be removed before handing over, but the wiring will stay on the bike; easy installation of own opener.
Spare LED headlight bulb (high and low)
Tinted headlight 95% light pass-thru; latest tint technology
Custom made top case luggage plate with carry-on luggage – very spacious, easy on and off bike; the ultimate equipment for long trips. Cargo net included.
All mounting bolts + spares are included; everything which came off the stock bike is included.
Ram mount for GPS or phone
Mechanical cruise control; works very well.
The condition of this bike is SHOWROOM!
The stock equipped luggage is included as pictured – super clean. Was on the bike for quite a while, but never actually used.
Looking for someone to love it at least half as I do and for the right buyer, I will include the DUCATI banner from my garage. Adult owned, never abused, over-babied.
This is most-certainly the most versatile bike Ducati brought to the public; light, convertible from street to adventure within minutes, extremely good handling at low fuel consumption. Go from hooligan to adventurer on this bike and you won’t be disappointed.

You can ask for more photos