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Scotty's 3rd annual Tenderloin ride

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Scotty's 3rd annual Tenderloin ride(September 26th)

Yeah,I know it's only early August,but make your plans now. I've posted this on and

My early attempts at a ride to eat were fairly lame. But check out and google a St Olaf tenderloin. Here is a link.

Des Loines: St. Olaf Tap and the Biggest Tenderloin Ever....

This ride will be September 26th. And thank god the Hawkeye game is a night game. Plenty of time to get home.

Here's were I'll be posting all the info. MMM pork!

Scotty's 3rd annual Tenderloin ride - Sport-Touring.Net
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count me for a solid maybe. I maybe moving that weekend but if it's done that weekend then I'll come along for sure. Scheduled to close on the house in Wisconsin and the new one in Grundy Center on the 25th but it's looking like it will be pushed up and done a little sooner. dunno yet.
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