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Well my wife took over my 02 silver FZ1 and while I wait for my new red 06 FZ1 to get here, so she sold her FZ6 to her best freind and they dont want the accessories on the bike, so I removed the almost like new stainless steel scorpion exhaust, PC3-USB power comander and the new K&N filter off her bike and will sell all three items as a kit for $500.00 bucks shipped any where in the USA.This is a pretty damm good deal, so please no haggiling.If some lucky person wants it, shoot me a email at home. I dont have pictures of the exhaust, but I bet if you went on the scorpion site like me they will have a picture of it, there are no scratches or dings in the exhaust or blueing or discoloring, just like new, and every thing will be shipped in the original boxes they came in.My home email is. [email protected]

05 road star silverado ("110" big bore,94.59hp,117.43tq,stock heads so far)
02 silver FZ1 (mama's)
06 shift red FZ1 (on its way in june)

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Thank You!

110ROADY said:
SOLD! To one luck buyer.
And from the Lucky Buyer, my thanks. Got all the parts installed today and can't believe the difference in performance. The power commander really smoothed out the throttle. Sounds great too!

Thanks Very Much!

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