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***SBN 4th of July Super Ride & Bash @ Lyle's***

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We've done this for 3 or 4 years straight and each year getrs a little more crazy.

9am - Meet at Lyles before ride. (trailer over if need)
9:30am - Roll out for SuperSunday ride.
11:30am - End ride back at Lyle's
11:30am - untill it's over - Party; cookout/ski/kneeboard/tube/volly ball/MotoGP PlayStaytion/watch old school KTD days on TV/swim/layout/eat/drink/hot tub/wave runners/party:yeah

Lyle lives on a lake and has offered to Host this years get together:nice

He has offered to supply all the meat, but that is a hefty order. I have tried to convince him just to let everyone bring there own, but he wouldn't listen :confused:
Still needed is:
Condoments (musturd/ketchup/mayo/pickles.. ect...)
Potato Salad
Baked beans
Paper plates
Plactic Cups
Paper towels
plastic forks
Anything else you can thing of....

I would still suggest that you bring any special meat you may want.

I plan on bringing:
2 gallons of Sweet tea
A big bag or 2 of Tostitos.
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If I'm correct, I-4 would be the best way to come. I need directions to his house as well.
I wanted to get back up there. But I was hurtin' alil too much so I stayed home and fired up the grill w/ Momma and the kids. Got to watch the race w/ my son. A bit of it anyway, my niece came over and he went to play. Wish that I coulda made it back out Lyle. That is a tite pad.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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