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The Hat Trick has been a huge staff favorite for a long time. It's personally my go-to jacket when customers want something that has enough warmth for the early spring and late fall riding but also want a jacket that can be broken down and ridden in the middle of summer. This jacket goes from a full mesh summer jacket, to a waterproof or cool summer night jacket with the addition of the breathable/waterproof liner, all the way to something that you can ride in the low 50's/high 40's when you put in the quilted Thermoliner.

As of right now we've got a full size run in stock. This all black jacket makes a great Christmas gift for any motorcycle rider!

All of this for just $139.95 and free shipping in the US! Give us a call or order online. 888-784-4327

This video was shot over 4 years ago. We've sold HUNDREDS of Hat Trick jackets since then:

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