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You guys have been truly bad-ass with i.t./i.s. solutions, and thanks again for the past and if possible, the current one. This one might be a tough nut to crack.

I got a new phone and it doesn't connect to the car. The software seems pretty simple, on the phone and car. With my last phone, it was a piece of cake and never had problems. I googled and it seems to be a problem with many vehicle brands and the samsung galaxy s3. It's also with all carriers (att/verizon/sprint). The problem with researching this online is that there's so many people typing about it, that if there has been a solution found, it's not coming up in search results.

the most informative information I've been able to google is that the problem might be related to vehicles running on bluetooth 2.0 and this phone having 4.0 (not sure if its hardware, software, or both). It also seems to be a Galaxy s3 and possibly s2 specific software problem.

I downloaded a program that someone suggested on another forum that assists in bluetooth file transfers, and it worked for one of my phones, but not the other so I'm not sure how successful or long term my success with the first phone will be.

God bless and thanks!
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