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SUMMER SPECIAL...valid until Labor Day 2004....


Galfer braided stainless lines are a massive improvement over stock rubber brake hoses. Remember that with rubber brake hoses, the line must flex/expand before any braking pressure can be applied to the pistons, slowing down response time and making the lever feel "spongy". Galfer's 2-line racing kits come with all necessary hardware & washers to change out the stock stuff. Lines have silver fittings and your choice of clear, black, smoked, blue, or red outer coating.

One step up from braided stainless lines, the "Superbike" stainless brake lines from Galfer offer an improvement over even standard steel lines as well as giving you a custom look with the gold fittings.

The SBK lines thread directly into the caliper without the use of a banjo bolt, and are available in clear, black, smoked, blue, or red outer coating. Note: These should be installed by a professional mechanic. Self-installation will void the warranty (and is REALLY dangerous if you FUBAR the installation)
NOTE: SBK lines are only available for these models; RC51 (all), CBR954RR, CBR600RR, SV650S (99-04), GSXR600 (01-04), GSXR750 (00-04), GSXR1000 (01-04), ZX6R/RR (03-04), ZRX1100/1200

The deal includes Galfer's HH brake pads (the proper set to do both calipers for the front) for a killer deal. The HH compound is a sintered bronzed base material that includes graphite and advance ceramics. It will provide instant powerful controlled braking force at any speed or temperature, rainy or dry weather. Great lasting power for track days, racing, and aggressive street riding where you want immediate stopping power. And Galfer is using a new ceramic coating for further thermal resistance and less heat transfer to your pistons/fluid!

For a step up in brake fluid performance, we're including a bottle of Motul 5.1 fluid (compatible with DOT-3 and DOT-4 fluids). Compared to the lower boiling points of stock D3/D4 brake fluids, Motul 5.1 has a higher boiling point (365 deg F) BUT is more stable (less hydrophilic - meaning less water absorbing) over time than the racing fluids which must be changed out frequently.

Front Racing 2-line kit + front pads + 1 bottle (.5L) Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid:
Retail: $174
Sale: $125*
(Add gold fittings for $10 extra)

Front Superbike 2-line kit + front pads + 1 bottle (.5L) Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid:
Retail: $184
Sale: $135**
(SBK kits include gold fittings)

* Sale price is $138 for calipers with 4 pads per piston such as 2003 GSXR1000, 04 ZX10R, 04 ZX12R
** Sale price is $147 for calipers with 4 pads per piston such as 2003 GSXR1000, 04 ZX10R, 04 ZX12R

Add SS rear brake line to either kit above for $43 (+5 to add gold fittings)
Add semi-metallic (black compound) rear brake pads for $22

Shipping is via UPS Ground insured, ranging from $6-10 to most US locations. We only charge sales tax in CA. International orders will ship USPS (see rules/restrictions on our "policies" page)

Order on our website at using the prices above, and note "SBN SUMMER GALFER SALE" in the COMMENTS box to get the discount.

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steeltoe said:
Dangit! Maybe the bottle of fluid will even it out...
Eh, it's not a huge difference. I'm sure the bottle probably will even things out. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't reading the deal wrong.

By the way do you know the answer to my second question? Do you need to order two 2 line kits to do your front brakes or just one?

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No. One 2-line kit for the front of the bike. There's a double banjo bolt and then 1 line goes down to each caliper, which is better than the OEM 3-line kit with a junction.
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