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DRIVEN ALU Rear Sprocket: OEM 749/999
Was: $75.00
Sale: $66.95

DRIVEN ALU Rear Sprocket: OEM Monster/SS/Sport Classic
Was: $75.00
Sale: $66.95

DRIVEN ALUM Rear Sprocket 520 Pitch: BST / Marchesini / OZ Motorbike Wheels
Price: $75.00
Sale: $57.95

High quality, long-wearing 7075-T6 billet anodized Driven rear sprockets are a direct bolt-on for OEM or aftermarket OZ Motorbike, Marchesini (non- OEM Marchesini wheels) or BST wheels.
Black Only.

Reduce final drive ratio with a larger rear sprocket to provide better acceleration.
If you go up more than 2 teeth, you will likely need a new chain, unless you also go down a tooth on the front.

Weight Comparison Chart:
BST/Marchesini/OZ Sprocket Type Weight (lbs) Weight (grams)
Afam Workslite Rear Sprocket 520-43 10.3 oz 292
Afam Rear Sprocket 520-43 11.5 oz 327
Driven "Alum" Rear Sprocket 520-43 11.4 oz 324
Superlite Black Steel Rear Sprocket 520-43 1 lb 8.1 oz 684
Superprox "Stealth" Rear Sprocket 520-43 1 lb 7.5 oz 666

*All sprockets were weighed at Motowheels.

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