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Unique design features for superior protection while retaining proper suspension function

CORSE DYNAMICS Front Axle Slider: 848, 1098, 1198, SF, D16RR, MTS1200
Price: $54.95
Sale: $49.46

CORSE DYNAMICS Front Axle Slider: 1199 / 899 Panigale
Price: $54.95
Sale: $49.46

CORSE DYNAMICS Front Axle Slider: Monster, 916-998, 749-999, Hyper, ST, SS, SC, SF848
Price: $54.95
Sale: $49.46

One of the first contact points for a motorcycle in the case of a crash is the forks and swing arm. Corse Dynamics has thoroughly evaluated the competition and found huge design flaws currently on the market further separating Corse Dynamics from the pack.

Exclusive Features:

-Industry exclusive swedge lock design with internal retaining rod.

Suspension is a very delicate art and axle sliders that do not swedge (expand) into the axle can create unnecessary stiction on the lower fork clamp causing improper suspension friction.

Until now all swedge design sliders didn't incorporate a center retaining rod to prevent a slider from detaching upon impact from a crash.

Corse Dynamics unique design incorporates the best of both worlds, a swedge to prevent stiction while maintaining a retaining rod for the worst case scenario.

-Proprietary plastic slider material that is designed to withstand the hardest high side impact as well as an extremely low friction coefficient for low sides. Our plastic chemical makeup ensures the slider will not dig and cause a simple low side to turn into an expensive end over end crash.

-Aluminum inner sleeve increases surface area of the bolt head providing improved solidity of the slider assembly in the event of impact or abrasion.

Kit includes:

1 – aluminum tapered retaining rod
2 – plastic sliders
2 – slider inner sleeves
2 – stainless steel slider bolts

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