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RAM Carbon Fiber Subframe 696/796/1100
Price: $2,295.00
Sale: $2,149.95 FREE Shipping

Weight 2100 gram = 4.63 lbs

•The DUCATI Monster CRF (Carbon Rear Frame) Kit is a novelty product issued from a joint development between RAM and BST.
•The two CRF kit frames support the rear end of the bike, seat, etc.
•The left hand frame supports also the shock absorber upper link.
•The CRF kit weighs only 2100 gram (4.63 lbs), which is 2900 gram (6.4 lbs) less then the stock aluminum frame, for a mass saving equivalent to 58%.

•The CRF kits are manufactured by BST under exacting quality conditions, in a factory TÜV and ISO 9001:2000 approved.

•Each CRF kit component is tagged with a specific serial number.
•The manufacturers guarantee 20 years of industrial traceability, same as done for aerospace components of critical destination.

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