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AGV Corsa Valentino Rossi Winter Test 2012 Limited Edition Helmet

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Sale: $729.95

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A helmet that combines the performance of the Pista GP with road features such as adjustable air vents, variable aerodynamics with a removable spoiler, and increased comfort - yet achieves this without sacrificing the performance standards of the GP model.

• Residual impact force transmitted to the head, 31% below the limit set by the standard. The result is achieved thanks to the numerous FEM simulations and in-house tests carried out.

• HIC index 48% below the limit set by the standard. The HIC (Head Injury Criterion) index measures the level of brain trauma risk due to the accelerations of impact. In this case too, the result is achieved thanks to the numerous FEM simulations and in-house tests carried out.

• 71% more compact visor movement. This allows use of the space saved to increase the thickness of the absorption material, benefitting safety.

• 9% b***** visor window 9%. This gives the rider better visibility of the track in front and laterally when bent over the bike riding straight ahead, benefitting active safety.

• 3% smaller frontal section and 6% small lateral section: the helmet is more compact and lighter, without reducing passive safety and comfort.

• Aerodynamic resistance (Cd) reduced by 17%. The lower the Cd value, the lower the amount of stress transmitted to the rider’s neck, with an increase in comfort and reduction of fatigue. Attentive design, computational fluid dynamic tests and wind tunnel testing have obtained an average 17% reduction of the Cd while racing.

• 193% increase in vent surface. The position and size of the vents and computational fluid dynamic wind tunnel testing have generated a ventilation system capable of effectively removing heat and humidity.

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