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from our friends in the UK. something to think about when we're in our cars, and something to pass along to out "four-wheeled only" friends.

Motorcyclist Injuries

Every year thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on our roads. Motorcyclists suffer disproportionately. They represent less than 1% of road traffic but account for almost 18% of deaths and serious injuries. They are 45 times more likely to be killed than a car driver and the figures are rising.

As a motorist you can help to lower this toll. Take a few moments to read the tips in this leaflet and become more motorcycle aware.

Don't have an injury to another road user on your conscience - LOOK OUT FOR MOTORCYCLISTS.

Motorcyclists Ride Differently

Motorcycles differ from cars and other traffic in several important ways. For a start, they can make quicker progress, especially through slow moving traffic. That's one of the reasons people buy them.

It might be frustrating for you to see motorcycles weaving through traffic queues when you are stuck. But even if you think they are riding dangerously, a hostile reaction from you will make a bad situation worse.
Check your mirrors regularly and give motorcycles room.
Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than drivers and cannot avoid hazards as quickly, especially in wet or greasy conditions. An accident which might not hurt you can kill or seriously injure a motorcyclist.
Motorcyclists represent less than 1% of road traffic but account for almost 18% of deaths and serious injuries.

Here are some situations for you to be aware of so that you do not inadvertently put a motorcyclist at risk.

At Intersections

  • When coming out from a side road, be careful if there are parked cars or large vehicles obstructing your view of a motorcyclist.
  • Before turning right, make sure a motorcyclist isn't on your inside, and before turning left, make sure a motorcyclist isn't on your outside.
  • Give motorcyclists room at rotaries.
  • Don't squeeze motorcyclists' space at traffic lights. It can make them accelerate faster to get a lane.

When Overtaking

  • Give motorcyclists as much room as you would a car. They might need it to avoid - a pothole, a manhole cover, a loose surface.
  • Don't overtake when you can't give enough room - for example, where the road narrows.
  • Don't overtake when approaching a junction.

When Parked

  • After parking, check for motorcyclists before opening your door, and get passengers behind you to do the same.
  • When pulling away from the curb, look out for motorbikes. They have a narrower profile than other vehicles, which can make them harder to see.

Other common situations - If you drive too close it can intimidate an inexperienced motorcyclist. They might make a mistake. A motorcyclist might be in the lane you want to move into. Look out. Are they already there or approaching quickly?
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