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Talledegha Gran Prix February 2, 2008
Ready to ride? Join RPM Track School at Talladega Gran Prix on Saturday, February 2nd!

The primary goal of RPM Track School is to provide a safe and relaxed track day experience where you can improve your riding skills. RPM is limited to a significantly smaller group of participants so that we can provide more quality track time without the feeling of riding in rush hour traffic.
Our full time instructors have EXPERT race licenses with one or more of the following race organizations: AMA, WERA, ASRA, CCS and LRRS. Our instructors are also veterans of various race schools.
The pre-registered cost to ride is $125. The cost will be $145 per day if you register at the track, but space is limited, so reserve your spot today!
Need a race license before the season begins? A Racing Certification School will also be offered at an additional cost of $100. RPM Track School provides a race license certificate for both WERA and CCS.

Join us at Talladega Gran Prix on February 2nd!

Sign up today at RPM Track School or paypal [email protected]. Questions? E-mail [email protected].

See Talladega Gran Prix Raceway Tall for track location & information
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