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OK I know most of you either don't need a place...or don't want to live in Bmore. but I'm putting this on every forum I am on for maximum exposure.

The quick rundown: Roommate is leaving Feb 1st. Rent is $550 a month plus 1/2 utilities. Cable and HS internet are free. Landline phone is free but it's a business phone so you can't use it between 8am and 5pm. The house is prewired to have a second line if desired. Off street parking for car. Room in trailer for now to store a bike. In a few months I'll be buying a shed for the back and bikes could be kept there safely. Along with a bedroom you get your own living room with a gas fireplace. if you're a hot girl rent can be "negotiable"

Anyway Craigslist listing here:

I'll have pics of the room up soon. I have to clean it first The second pic is of the living room but there is no bird in there now.

if you know of anyone looking steer them this way as well. Thanks folks.
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