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Since there is no organized ride leaving Reina this year, I'm leading a group (don't know how many will show) to Rockerbox this year. I called them last week and they said there was no organized ride leaving their place this year. This route takes us right past them though. I thought about making the meeting spot at Reina but didn't want to piss anyone off.


Ride to Rockerbox 2011

TWT Culvers at 9:30am...kickstands up at 10:30am

Start @ TWT Culvers

Head onto 128th St.
Turn right on Lisbon Ave.
Turn right on 124th St.
124th St. to Watertown Plank Rd.
Turn left on Watertown Plank Rd.
Turn right on 108th St.
Turn left onto Wisconsin Ave.
Wisconsin Ave. through downtown
Merge right onto Lincoln Memorial Dr.
Turn left on Ravine Rd.
Turn right on Lake Dr.
Turn left onto Locust St.
Left on Humboldt Ave.
Turn right on Center St.

See you there!
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