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TheSollyLama said:
Nailing a teacher at my high school on her boyfriends bed. Her B/F was my coke dealer at the time, so I would definetly call THAT a risky adventure!
Haha, either you're full of shiat or you're one of the coolest people alive. :headbang

As for me, probably my girlfriend's sister's bed (with my girlfriend not sister), while her whole family was there.. Funniest thing was my girlfriend's Dad came down the stairs halfway through. I lept about 10 feet in the air and ran into a closet..

Her Dad comes in like .002 seconds after I shut the door, asks her what she's doing. She was like "Oh, I don't feel good, Alison told me I could sleep down here"

Then we waited for her Dad to go back upstairs.. She opened the closet door and I was standing there scared as a rabbit (her Dad is like 6'2" and 350lbs) with a sock stuck over my dick. She asked me what the sock was for.. I said I was worried that your dad might think to look in the closet, and it might be easier to talk to him with my bits all covered up.

Still laugh about that shit today.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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