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RIP Marlon Brando.....

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Just saw on CNN that Marlon Brando passed away in a Los Angeles Hospital at the age of 80.... Haven't heard how he died yet.. I'll seee if I can find more info......

Sad Day.....

RIP Marlon Brando

Found the link:
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:( thats just sooo sad..i really liked the guy....
'You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes!!'

Rip godfather...
Crap.... last time on saw him on the news he really looked like crap... RIP
Well, 80 years isn't that bad, I hope I live to at least his age!

He was a GREAT actor, R.I.P.
RIP to a great actor!! Very talented man!
yeah he was good. i know he had some health issues towards the later part of his life, but he was screen legned. RIP
he was more than good; he was the best actor of his generation, and every generation of young actors who came after him tried to emulate him. The generation after Brando gave us Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and now we have Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. But frankly, I don't see anyone from today's teens and twenty something actors that has it. Not yet at least
Brando, John Wayne, and Steve McQueen..... a class of there own.... RIP Brando. :( a sad day indeed...
darn. what a bummer. RIP Mr. Brando
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