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You will be missed Shawn
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Scotteq said:
Mostly you just need to be extra smooth, a little more careful at low speeds because the bike's more top heavy, and you have to allow some more distance for braking.

A tip for smoother shifting: Use just a dab of clutch at or just over the bike's torque peak. Pre-weight the shifter, and it should pop right into the next gear will very little drama. Klunking helmets suck....

General Tips -

- Have your passenger get on/off ONLY at your command.

- Have your passenger keep their weight OFF of your torso. Either by hanging onto your belt/waist or propping themselves against the tank. Doing weighted push ups all day SUCKS, and makes it difficult to be precice with the controls... If you do 2 up a lot, buying a "Buddy Belt" helps. Basically, it's a padded belt with handles.

- Your passenger should know to not move around on the seat while the bike is moving, and to keep a little weight on the pegs instead of merely sitting there.

- Teach your passenger what an apex is, and that (s)he should look over your inside shoulder at/past it while turning.

- If they need to stretch, ask that they do it at a light.


- Promise that you will NOT ride like an idiot. It's difficult to enjoy a ride when you're scared to death. Pull a wheelie 2 up and your passenger WILL fall off if (s)he's not prepared. Same with hard acceleration.

- Allow your passenger to have input as to the pace you're running. A tap on the leg and a palm up (faster is OK) or palm down (slow down, please) works, and your pillion partner will be MUCH happier if (s)he knows that their opinion counts.

- Check that (s)he's OK every now and again, and take a break when (s)he wants.

Before hooking up with your regular riding buddies, practice riding around just the two of you until you are used to it, and *know* that you will not keep up with the hooligans.

Scott :)
you have raised some great points and tips here. thank you. I have recently added a passenger to my bike (this is then end of my second season) and basically from being a passenger before, I knew the things to tell my passenger. For the most part, mine has done exceptionally well, but your tips have given me a couple of things I need to discuss with her before the next time. I think I hit the rest of your tips already, thanks for the others I had forgotten or hadn't thought about yet.
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