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Riding Music

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Ok I'm bored and I noticed some people listen to music when they ride.

So what do you listen to?

If I do its usually Tool or a trancestyle from a guy names Necros who came around making mod files (showing my age) His current recording name is Alpha Conspiracy.

Cipher is the best "riding" music as opposed to Foward Rewinding and i haven't checked out his new stuff yet. Ah man though. Ubik, Martian LoveSong, Mechanism Eight, Point of Depature.. whoot I think those songs are going get me killed.

I seem to rarely listen though.
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Sorry to throw this one back on topic, but for those of you who listen to music & ride, what headphones you using for inside your helmet?? I got a set of the Koss ear buds and they start to hurt my ears after a little while inside my helmet. Just wondering if there are a better type..

Nice Silent, another MD user! Good to see!!
hmmm i would like to get a chatterbox someday. but no one I ride with has them.. kinda pointless specially for how much they cost.. Do you have to do alot of modification to your helmet?
Yea I haven't found a good alternative to the buds. They are hard to get in and keep in. :(

You should look into MD man seriously you can get a unit new at best buy for as low as $99.99..
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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