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Riding Music

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Ok I'm bored and I noticed some people listen to music when they ride.

So what do you listen to?

If I do its usually Tool or a trancestyle from a guy names Necros who came around making mod files (showing my age) His current recording name is Alpha Conspiracy.

Cipher is the best "riding" music as opposed to Foward Rewinding and i haven't checked out his new stuff yet. Ah man though. Ubik, Martian LoveSong, Mechanism Eight, Point of Depature.. whoot I think those songs are going get me killed.

I seem to rarely listen though.
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I'll gather up some AC/Andrew Sega stuff for you. I think you would dig it.
You get off on people sucking your knees?
No but it stops at my knees. So I guess I'm good.
Fus, you and I are in the same boat with the ear buds. I love my ear buds in the fact that I can hear so well with them but man they start to hurt after awhile and its a juggle sometimes keeping them in there while putting the helmet on.

I was thinking about investing in some ear bud hybrids that wrap around your ear. I think I have seen silent with those.

I am also wanting to look for a more player or jimmy mine so I can hang it around my neck and under a jacket or something. I want an ipod but honestly hell I don't need more the 128mb when I ride.

The people with the chatterboxes sure came in handy on Saturday night that's for sure.

Bad... dude.. Top 40, country and rap.. I can't even bring myself to flame you.. I feel pity.. like I should.. take you out and shoot you dead. Naw. Seriously. Right on. Whatever makes you happy.

I hate those people that are like.. YOU SHOULD LIKE WHAT IIIIIIIII LIKE!!!
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I'll take a look at them.. I just didnt know if they would be too clunky. You can snag some pretty small sized mp3 players if you aren't too concerned with total space on them. Like I said I dont' need 20 gigs of listening music. I can't even get through half of my current song list on my 256mb player when mowing the lawn.

Hell I'd like an ipod or something that big but for riding naw. Size isn't so important to me.
I've never tried those clip style ones before cause I was too worried that being flat on the outside of ear that they would produce much sound or good quality compared to something I can jam into my ear canal and cause internal damage with.

How is the clip on the side of your ear though? Does that start to hurt after awhile?

I think I have a buddy at work that as one of those though so I will check them out. Thanks.
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