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Ride Pics

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I finally remembered to bring a camera on my ride. Only had a few opportune times to pull over and take shots unfortunately, but there's always next time.

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Yeah I agree about the power lines. Believe me, I was trying to find a place to pull over where they'd be out of the way, but none of those spots were scenic. Anyone good with photoshop want to take a shot at it?
Here's the link to the full size photo. It's ~2MB so I'll just post the link to be bandwidth friendly.

If anyone wants any other full size shot, let me know.
Wow! Glad you all liked my pics so much, makes it all seem worthwhile. I'll be sure to bring my camera on good days from now on.
Yeah no problem. Send them to whoever you want, I'm just glad so many of you are enjoying it. I've got one of them as my desktop!
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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