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funny review from a British site :)

German GP-Truly Final Thoughts
Max-imum equality!
Biaggi bags first victory

The Roman Empress, Max Biaggi, silenced his leagues of critics in the heart of sausage country by winning his first race of the season on the tight twisty Krautensring track. The win meant that the beard owning Roman is amazingly now only one point off the championship leader and hated rival Valentino Rossi.
"I had many problems" bemoaned Max "My Honda is rubbish. I want those underseat exhaust thingys that those Repsol scumbags had. If I'd have had those underseat exhaust thingys all season then I'd have won more races. Equal equipment is all I've ever asked for. That said I'm really happy to have won the race. I think the Honda is slowly catching up to the blinding pace of the Yamaha's, although I fear we'll not have as good as bike as them by the end of the year."

"I'm up here, you're not!" Biaggi takes the time to address his pal Valentino

The MotoGP formbook was again ripped up and thrown out of the window (hopefully littering Schumacher's garden) with everyone believing beforehand that the nature of the German track would suit Rossi and Yamaha down to the spleen. But come race day and it was the Honda riders, Colin Edwards excluded, who looked most likely to pull off the win. Valentino Rossi looked like the only Yam rider capable of winning the race after Charlie Checa gave his fans something to cheer about by low siding his bike just like in the 'good old days'.
"I've not been allowed to express myself of late" said a delighted Checa as he picked gravel from his ear "But today I decided to give back something to my fans and show them why they love me. That one was for them."
So with Rossi leading the Yamaha fight it would surely be down to his rival Sete Gibernau to lead the Evil HRC team into the battle? Nup, as Sete for the second race in succession threw his Telefonica clad RCV into the German beach when a high scoring finish looked inevitable. The crash could haunt him forever as the donkey whipping Spaniard now finds himself 13 points off the lead and behind Max Biaggi.
"Sete is devastated" said Sete's 'friend' "Worse still he was in such high spirits before the race telling me pleasure he finds in livestock falling from great heights. But he's got a lot on his mind as the news Puddle of Mudd album is sounding pretty shite with his bandmates claiming he's concentrating too much on MotoGP."

This lead to a straight fight between Biaggi, Rossi and finally the Repsol pairing of Hayden and Barros who were no doubt spurred on by the prospect of being sacked.
Rossi made what looked like a decisive pass mid distance on Biaggi to take the lead and immediately opened a gap from his despised countryman. But after only a couple of laps Biaggi clawed Rossi back in and stuck his own hairy brand of Ravioli up the outlet valve of the number 46 rider relegating him into second. But by then Rossi already knew his fate had been sealed as chronic left hand tyre wear had set in like a dose of a hideous fungal infection. The World Champion proceeded to slide backwards through the field like the proverbial Kenny Roberts Junior finally settling in an off podium fourth position.
"Hiya hammer viry inoyed wiva thee biker" said a downbeat Rossi "Thee tighers wira viry viry crapper hander hiya skeed viry mucha"
But Rossi's off podium finish certainly delighted other people. "Now I've nothing against the guy" said Mamola "But I hate him and glad he didn't do very well. I'm not happy with Biaggi either, I preferred it when he finished second."

Biaggi was then just left with the task of fending off the lame passing attempts of Zombie Barros of which Max made lightweight of. Despite finishing less than half a second behind Biaggi the brain-eating Repsol rider never looked strong enough to take the lead seemingly having 'how to pass' section of his brain not plumbed in
Nicky Hayden sent the Repsol stock-value through the roof by bringing the annoyingly orange and blue liveried machine to an impressive third place.

Yellow streak. Max, unlike Edwards, was on it all weekend.

But where as the Evil HRC company empire cackled with smug, Doohan-like delight the plucky, yet ultimately fairly rubbish, Yamaha factory sulked into their sauerkraut as only Rossi scored points for them. Norick Abe was the unluckiest man around having been forced into a crash by his fellow stablemate Marco Melandri's crash. The horse faced Italian ran wide on the exit of a left hander catching his rear wheel on the grass and into a highside leaving him gracefully arcing through the cool German air. Abe and his bad haircut were closely following the equestrian youngster and was forced to take avoiding action or risk the uncomfort of a Yamaha in his eye. But the unlucky nip highsided his machine trying to swerve around the problem and launched himself, without any pre-planned airspace or weather reports, into the stratosphere. Unfortunately for Abe the laws of gravity entangled and grappled his haircut and dragged his wig and owner back down to the ever awaiting tarmac. Lucky both Norick and de-legalised hairstyle were okay after 'Newton's Arc' and will be fit to ride and offend at the British GP in a weeks time.

T'was also a shite weekend for Team Ragu Ducati as both their riders finished up chewing gravel within a lap of each other. What proved more frustrating was the fact that the vastly improved GP4 machine was running in third position in the miniature olive oil-stained hands of Loris Capirossi before his spill. Still, the Ragu-boys will go home happy knowing that for the first time in ages their bike now doesn't seem like the heap of crap it did before.

Finally a big up for top yank John 'Hop-off' Hopkins. The likeable* rider suffered a painful, yet highly amusing, bee sting on the end of his finger that by all accounts made riding incredible difficult due to alarmingly grotesque swelling. Everyone loves a comedy injury.
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