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Resurrecting Yamaha 750 Sportbike

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Whats up, Im Chris and am wanting to get my Grandpa's 1978 Yamaha 750 Sportbike up and running. He passed about 5 years ago and his bike is sitting in the garage rotting away. I need to do something with it.

What do you suggest for a bike that has been sitting for 10 years? Battery, tires, plugs, oil, carb rebuild? Is there a way to see if it is worth the money and not locked up? Throw in a battery and some oil with a bit in the plug holes and fire away? What kind of oil and how much do they take anyway?

Sorry guys, Im a car man. I just getting into the biking scene. Help me get this thing back on the road!
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Thanks guys. This info is of help. Some sites have been telling me to check the fork and oil it. What fork are we talking about? I am a automotive technology student and should be able to take of most of this stuff myself, yet is there things I should worry about handling?I only want it to be a weekend cruiser. Some sites have been telling me to get new pistons and rings and to hone out the cylinders. I can do the honing at the shop, but I do not want to put too much money into it. Let me know if you think of anything else!
Where can I get a repair manual from?
Alright guys. I am going over there today to start ripping it apart and do some checking and cleaning. I will keep you updated. Oh - the bike IS an XS750-2D.Yet, now that I am reading the owners manual, I think it is a 76. The first page says "XS750-2D Owners Manual 1st. printing, September 1976 All rights reserved ect, ect."
I gotcha. :)

I got a lot of stuff removed in the time I had. Im going to clean what I can and hack at it tommrorow. Can I just throw the carb into a parts cleaner?
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Two more. Forgot a pan at home and had to find something in my grandmas garage. Wasnt big enough - it split a bit. :)

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Also, I am having trouble getting the oil filter out of its housing. Is there a special way or is it just seized up? Thanks for the site!
Its at the very bottom of the bike. I had to take what looked like a section of the pan off and the oil filter it was. If I compress the filter within this housing the bolt within turns, yet if not, it doesnt. Ill just have to give it a bit more encouragement. I was probably sissying it. :lol
Thanks for the support. I only have the owners manual.

Another question I have is how can I clean the gas tank without hurting the paint?
enos said:
it's like car paint (no clear coat). so you can use a regular car wax on it.
I was talking about the inside. Just flush it with water and dry it out?
Well, the project is coming along fine except for the no spark. The ponits seem to be fine except for one of them. I jumped them with the screwdriver and could feel the coils actuating. Then I felt the plug caps and they were also (I dont understand why, but I could feel clicking in them). Then, I took a plug (new) and put it to the wires and looked for spark once again but saw nothing. Remembering that the plugs were about 1 kilohm over the standard, I put the plug to the end of each of the coils (without the plug wires) and saw spark at two of the three coils. The one that I was not getting spark to is the one that would not spark when I jumped the points...hmm. I assume new wires will solve the problem for the two cylinders, but what do you guy think about the third?
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