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So, I have a 1985 Ninja 600 that refuses to start. Carbs were out earlier to be cleaned and when I put them back in, it ran, albeit at 5-6K RPMs. No biggie to fix until I start messing around with the carb sync screws (the three screws between each of the four carburetors) like an idiot. This was a few months ago and it hasn't started since.

It has compression and spark. (Plugs are brand new but a bit sooty). Gas is present in the float bowls, so it's getting gas. None of the jets are clogged as I've checked them myself recently. Just drained the tank and put in fresh gas today. Pulled the petcock, filter is clean and there no obstructions in the fuel lines. It'll start with some starter fluid for a few seconds and then die, so I think the carb settings are so out of whack that it won't allow it to start.

So my question is, is there anyway to "reset" the carburetor settings back to stock to at least get the bike to run? This has been frustrating and my friend has a truck available for tomorrow, so I'm close to just taking it to the dealership and let them fixing it...

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To reset:
You gotta make sure all the original jets are in there, no b***** aftermarket ones. (if there's a jet kit)
You gotta make sure the needles are all stock (unadjustable) (If there's a jet kit)
You gotta make sure all the idle screws are at their stock level (2 turns out is a good start if you don't know the stock position)
There is no "reset" on the sync screws, you gotta pull the carbs and bench sync them. I.e. get them visually close, so that it'll run and you can do a regular sync with a manometer/guages if it's not good enough for you.

Are you sure you cleaned it out properly? Not just jets, but all the small passages? If it ran only at 5-6k it doesn't sound like the carbs are ok. Also, were you careful about letting rubber parts like orings get in contact with carb cleaner? just a few common omissions...
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