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Replica plastics? Are you talking about aftermarket bodywork or a graphics job to replicate a race bike? If you're looking for a racebike look there's no replica plastics as far as I know but it can be painted. Some companies offer graphics (sticker) kits. Otherwise if you want it all painted on I can hook you up with that, just PM me. If you're looking for bodywork just do a google search, there are so many aftermarket bodywork companies it's dizzying.

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what you got in mind

artistimo what area you work out of

and ghillie what kind of painting do you want cause i had
to do a bike that had 57 stickers that i painted to look like a
race bike all of the stickers were paint from pictures and it looked and
felt great when you put your hand on it you didnt feel any lines
or differences in paint levels
i have done alot of bikes but i really loved that one

but email me [email protected]

josh aka sketch,

Master airbrush and tattoo artist
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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