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After spending hours fooling with the clip, and several hours searching the net, I found the solution which next time will only take 2 minutes to complete next time.

Just to pass along what I found to help the next person searching:
Remove the two allen bolts holding on the black plastic cover (which ever side) next to the tank, which runs up the side of the area under the windscreen. One bolt faces you (in riding position) and the other faces outward, and is recessed about 1 inch in the black plastic piece. I also removed the top allen bolt of the fairing, as you will need to pop out a snap between the upper side cover and the black piece. Then side it back (not out or up, as you'll break the tab). All of this might be avoidable, but I did it to get better access.

Pull the plastic cup which protects the plug on the back of the headlight. You will see a silver, metal clip secured on one side by a phillips screw. Unscrew the phillips slowly. The clip will eventually spring out, allowing the headlight to be removed.

Using gloves to keep the new headlight free of oil, replace the headlight lamp by pull straight out from the wiring harness.

With the head light still out, position the clip around the headlight lamp socket ("tab to the right" on the left, low beam). Slide the socket back into place, making sure socket's notched tab is straight up, at 12 noon position.

You may need to have previously unscrewed the phillips 1 or 2 revolutions, but DONT WORRY ABOUT THE SIDE THAT DOESN"T GO UNDERNEATH THE SCREW (this is where I wasted huge amonts of time). Just get the side underneath the screw situated and then tighten down the phillips screw all the way. Now, back it out a 1/2 revolution. Using a very small tool ( I have a Snap-On cotter-pin puller which is awesome for these types of situations) bring the other side up over the cut out. It will slide down to a stopping point, and you are DONE!! Remember to tighten the phillips again.

I know this is very hard to visualize if you've never done it, but my word to the wise....don't try to get the clip in on one side and then try to get it under the screw 2nd. I even used locking miniature needle-nosed pliers and it's just too much of a PITA. Also, you'll really scar up the top as the end of the tip gouges into the socket (this was during the low beam replacement...high might be opposite and scar the bottom). Get the clip under the screw FIRST.

ok...hope I was clear

:banana :cheers
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