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You can use a screw extractor. You drill a hole in the exact center of the bolt from above using a cobalt drill bit of the right size for the screw extractor you are using. Then you insert the screw extractor in the hole you bored and twist left. If all goes well, the screw comes out easily.

HOWEVER, it's easy to do it incorrectly and break the screw extractor in the bolt. Then you can forget about removing the screw from above. For this reason, I recommend using a screw extractor as a last resort and also recommend you leave it to a professional.

The screw extractor will cost about $3, the drill bit about $3, and the T-handle for the screw extractor about $6.

I recommend trying to use vise-grips. Be sure to use WD-40 or similar to lubricate the broken bolt's threads.
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