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johnriz said:
Although i dont agree with everyone starting on a big bike , i hate to see people say they are automatically going to crash.. that does nothing for anyones confidence. I also dont see anyhumor in saying someone is going to crash. maybe its just me but i get sick of seeing every thread about someone on a new bike that people here do not agree with saying they are going to crash. Some people can actually get a big bike and be perfectly fine. Also someone can go out on a ninja two fiddy and kill themself. 90 on a ex 500 is the same as 90 on an R1. Just my opinion and i apologize for calling you an idiot. been one of those days. ohh
It's an endless argument that no one can really prove one way or another whether it was the bike or riders fault. I think there are people who shouldn't be on bikes period. Those might be the people that wreck when they decided to buy the b***** first bike. The people who go out of there way to start small probably wouldn't have ridden the larger bike that crazy because they have common sense so wouldn't have crashed it therefore they should have just bought the b***** bike anyway. That's why I don't tell people to start small. I think they will crash no matter what they are on. But that's just me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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