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Racer is right on this one...I tried a quote from Progressive for full coverage. 28 years old at the time, MSF'ed, licensed, clean record. With a $1,000 deductible my quote came it at around $4,500. That would mean that if my bike was totalled I would be paying $5,500 to have a $6,500 bike replaced. And that was for a 600cc YZF-600R. Not an R1. Not even an R6. There is also more taken into account with most insurance companies than the size of the bike, type of bike and driving record of the rider. They also factor in things like age, marital status and the area in which the bike will be garaged.

As for everyone who says it's that crashing at 30 on an EX500 is the same as crashing at 30 on an R1, I have two things to point out. The first is that there are more ways to crash than while already moving. Making a slow 90 degree turn and the extra power and more sensitive throttle of an R1 is more likely to cause the back wheel to lose traction in the hands of an inexperienced rider. Not as likely with a smaller bike. Also, starting out from a stop, an inexperience rider (again due to the increased power of the bike) is more likely to flip a liter bike than a 500cc. I think we can all agree to those.

My second point is a REALLY big difference. The difference of about $6,000.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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