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yea at this point dude just needs as much positive riding influence as he can get. It would be much better if he went out and learned fundamentals and basics with you.. Than going out with some assmucks and trying to ride beyond his ability or stunt.

Just teach hin to ride behind you in staggered formation and him on the outer side (know what I'm saying ?)
The more experienced rider should always follow, so they can watch what the beginner is doing and tell him what mistakes he is making, also this way the beginner doesn't need to try and "keep up" with anyone if he can't.

I have an idea, why don't you show him your breasts? Did wonders for your influence here. And, it so benefits sportbike enthusiasts.
wraith for someone who speaks so eloquently your beginning to act like a punk ass bitch. no need to follow the girl around and try to poke and prod at her to get a reaction every chance you get. the whole board is aware u 2 don't like each other.. u got something to say keep it in PM otherwise ur just making urself look like an immature lil school boy who wants to tease someone they think they can out-wit any chance they get just because they think they can.
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