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Guys and gals, I'm in the market for a recumbent bike and I'm hoping some of you might have some experience with them. I've been fighting AVN for the past 18 months and have had to get both hips replaced as a result and with good success, and now I need something to keep the muscles and ligaments surrounding the new metal loose and lubed. In closing each p/t session with ten minutes on the p/t places' recumbent bike, I've decided this is the best low-impact exercise machine I've ever been on. Unfortunately, a commercial grade machine is not something I want to pay for. I'm looking to spend 600 or less.

Has anyone bought one of these things and used it daily, and if so, what is the brand and model? Are you happy with it? I've looked at a few at Sears and the Nordic Track C3 si is a good fit for my tall (6'-8") frame, but the reviews I've read about this particular unit and Nordic Track in general are all over the map. I always thought that NT was a good brand, but apparently they've been bought out by some other outfit and quality and customer service are less than stellar. While I don't need some fat fried-chicken-eating service tech to come to my house and provide customer support, as I'm fully capable of fixing most any problem I could encounter with such a simple device, I don't want to have to be fixing an expensive piece of equipment on a regular basis. Thoughts, anyone? I would really appreciate any input.
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