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Recruiting Question

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So I'm currently in the process of applying for Marine OCS, and I've been getting as much info as possible from the internet along with the recruiter in my area.

When it comes to criminal history, I'm getting two different answers.

The internet resources are telling me to disclose EVERYTHING that I've ever been involved in because if, later down the road I need top secret clearance(which I will need for my desired MOS), they find something then it could be grounds for discharge. And not to differentiate between expunged and current records, because if it's ever happened they'll find it.

When I was talking with my recruiter he told me that if it's expunged and there haven't been any continuing incidents, then it's like it never happened, and not to even mention it.

Who should I listen to?
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I'm not sure what MOS you're shooting for, however, if you will need a TS clearance then I would advise you to come clean now! A TS (especially for intel, there's a lot more to it) requires a background check, a very thorough one. I have seen guys with DWI's get a TS if they just come clean about it! I've seen guys have theirs pulled becaues they "left out" something as simple as a speeding ticket...
They want to know if your truthful, that's the key... not if you've never made a mistake. I just got my TS a few months ago with the Navy and went through intelligence officer school (butter bar here, but prior enlisted).
At the end of the day, do what you want, just know that if it's worth finding, they WILL find it I promise...

good luck, I hope you get your OCS slot!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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