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I have some Bridgestone BT014's on my FZR600 (they have just a shade over 2,000 miles on them). Both have plenty of tread.

I was practicing some emergency braking in a parking lot today and noticed that the rear tire was sliding a lot and leaving a long black trail. When I inspected the rear tire, it was pretty slick down the middle, as if it were semi-molten or wet (I had plenty of tread, but the rubber just looked slick).

My braking technique is pretty decent--progressively adding pressure as the MSF and books tell us--and this is the first time that I've had the rear tire lock up and slide like that (practicing in the past never caused it to lock up and slide).

I don't stunt or do burnouts, so I haven't mistreated the tire. Nor have I run through oil or some substance like that that would have "slicked up" the tire.

The flip side is that it's been pretty hot around here (in the 90's), but given that folks ride in Arizona and other places that are much hotter, I find it hard to believe that outside temperature is the problem.

Anyway, can anyone tell me what might be wrong with the tire?

Many thanks in advance.
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