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Ok I know this is an odd place to post this question, but I figure who better to ask about sprockets than YOU GUYS!

I just order a 45 tooth rear for my little 500....this is +4 in the rear. What kind of change should I be expecting in the bike's behavior, and how much do you think my top speed will be affected? Stock it will do about 125 mph in top gear, that's about 1000 rpms below the limiter. So it should be able to do 130-135 mph max modified.

I figured 42 in the rear was stock so I thought I was only going up three teeth..but I found out that 42 was stock in pre-94 bikes. 94+ have 41 tooth stock.

Thanks guys... Roll-on wheelies here I come! (Even if they are only in first gear) :lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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