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Rear signal lights on 2004 CBR600F4i should always be on?

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Should the rear signal lights on the 2004 F4i always be on? After I jump started my bike a while back (my alarm had drained the battery) I noticed when the bike was on that the rear signal lights were off but the front signal lights were on steady. The rear signal lights do work when I'm signalling but I'm just wondering if when I'm not signalling that they should be on steady like the front ones. If so, how do I fix them? Replace a fuse?
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I don't think they should be. Did you by chance install flushmounts or anything lately. My friend had the same problem when he installed flushmounts and didn't wire them right. His signal lights stayed on all the time, but did work when you signalled.
nope they aren't supposed to act as running lights, sounds like everything is working the way its supposed to
No noran01 I didn't install flushmounts. And thanks kc954. :)
yes the fronts stay lit, rears only when signaling
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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