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Rear foot pegs, mirrors for an R6 and Yoshi stainless RS3 bolt-on can for GSX-R 600

I have rear footpegs, mirrors(right mirror has a little bit of rash on the plastic backing), and a Yoshimura RS3 stainless bolt-on can for an 01-02 GSX-R600. I got the can from one of my buddies, it has some dents in the back and a dent on the top where the bracket goes over so its covered by the bracket. I'll get the dents knocked out in the back of the can before I sell. Selling just the can, I don't have the mid pipe. I bought the bracket that goes around the can that connects to the rear foot peg mount and I have the springs an clamp still packaged to sell with it. Mirrors and rear pegs are also off of my R6. PM me if interested and throw me an offer.

***Accidentally wrote RS-3 can up as an R6 can, it is a can for a gixxer 600, guess I was "in the zone" when I posted this up :lol. Also can is polished and all dents are knocked out except for a dent in the back of the can;t that you cannot see anyways :).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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