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Well, it's that time of year. Time for the first Sun in Oct in Holly thang...

From the VJMC site:

"The Holly, MI Chamber of Commerce is hosting their fall “Rally in Battle Alley” vintage bike display. The streets in their downtown district will be closed to traffic, just the two or three wheeled motorbikes are allowed in. The VJMC will have a designated area for club members to display their bike(s) of choice. All VJMC members are encouraged to ride (or trailer) out and enjoy a wonderful display of Vintage motorcycles."

I've found that the easiest way is taking I-75 to the Holly exit and taking Holly Rd straight in (west), seems to work just fine. Just stay on the road until you see railroad tracks and road barriers and a high bike density!

As those who've gone before know, this is not a brand-specific rally. ALL kinds of bikes show up including some vintage Brit iron, many pasta powered steeds, various customs and hacks, and a wide assortment of newer brands-makes-models ridden there by YOU. In the past have seen a 1917 HD, Vincent, and all types of neat stuff show up. As a gathering goes, it's reminiscent of Suzi's non-denominational/brand big parties.
On a nice day, literally a couple thousand come and go. On a rainy day, there's still hundreds that show.
For those worried about the loud Jezus-phreeque band from a couple years ago, they've been relegated to a park at least a 1/2 mile away, so you won't have to listen to their overdriven butchered lyrics any more.

This thing seems to start by 9am and I know there's still bikes there after 3pm. No clue what the official times are. I've stayed as late as 4pm.
There's several restaurants and ice cream shops and the like that open on Sun just for this event, so food/drink not a prob. There's even a bar, for those so inclined. I hear they have great burgers.

It makes for a nice stop for a couple hours, walk around and scope out a bunch of different bikes, then ride on somewhere. A lot of group rides meet there, and/or leave from there.

See ya there!

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