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RedlineJimmy said:
Anybody local in the Tampa area know how to adjust my front forks with a race suspension(stiff) set-up for the 900RR? No I am not heading out Jenings just yet...just trying to prep the bike for distance stoppies. Thanks in advance!
For a minute there I thought you were coming over to the DarkSide, or the BrightSide.....

Too stiffin. Adjust all the way in and 2 clicks out on everything.
Start from there. You should lose alot of front end dive, and the rebound won't be quick enough to upset your balance point. Or turn your rebound all the way in to make sure;)
Be carefull setting it down after a wheelie after you stif-it. it feel like your landing on bricks, unless your front end is about worn out from landing anyway. In this case you might not even notice it.

Turn your max your preload out.
Soften the compression up completely (for landing)
Retard the Rebound completely..

How far are you rolling now???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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