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No pics...yet...

Anyways, I just bought a 2000 R6 for ~$1800.
Sure enough, it has problems.


1. Erratic tachometer ('dont think it's an error code). It only happens while riding, and goes away w/ clutch in & rev....usually. Otherwise, it reads the RPM too high. Sometimes the digital readout turns off / on, no back lights on gauge, and this new development--> trouble starting on occasion ('dead battery' clicking)

So I did my reading / searching... Rectifier / stator? fairly common problem no? I've heard it could just be the rectifier's coupling too...Any input?

1. "clicking" --> Valves? Cam Chain?
2. It doesn't pick up on low end, I kill it unless I start really slowly (pretty sure it's not my clutch control, but who knows..) also, it does have a Vance and Hines pipe.. --> Carbs rejet / synch?
3. 'Bit of a rough idle --> Carbs rejet / synch?
4. Makes a loud grinding (?) noise at around 5-6k RPM when in NEUTRAL (yes, I warmed it up) seems to come from in front of the radiator (?) --> Fan?
5. There's a whining noise from the front end at around 46mph --> wheel bearing?

Also it has about 42k miles on it soooo.....yeah...

I didn't post this in the 'fix it' section because I plan on fixing up the body work and what not as well. I guess I meant for it to be somewhere between making a small (I hope) project for myself along with a reference for knowledge from anyone who shows interest.

Sorry if it's a crazy long post, also if I made a terrible mistake in regards to where I posted. I'll try to get pictures and maybe a video up tomorrow so that I might be able to bait some of you into keeping an eye on the thread.

Just found a post by Papa Rocket about how to run diagnostics codes, I guess I'll start there. 'Had no idea they had that...

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Congratulations on your purchase! Unfortunately my mechanical knowledge is limited so all I can suggest with that much wrong with it is just to take it to a reputable bike shop. Anyhow, good luck.
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