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I'm Liz, I'm hoping someone could give me some ideas as to why my bike has decided it doesn't like living anymore. Sorry for the vague title of this post, 6 weeks ago it would have been "electrical problem on R6" but we're past that now since everything's been replaced and it's still acting up.
It's a 2006 R6, has probably 27,000 miles on it and I've had it for about 3,000 miles of those for 6 months now. Type of miles tend to vary, it's done a lot of motorway miles, and it's been used a few times in the city as a work commuter, and it's done a lot of "fast road" miles as well.
No big mods, exhaust is still standard, renthal sprocket and chain, as far as I'm aware it hasn't been tuned or anything.

About 3 months ago I noticed that after getting to the end of the road and pulling up at the junction, the engine would cut out. This happened as I pulled in the clutch and brought the bike to a stop, the engine would just cut out.
It would also be a nightmare to start again, I'd have to leave it for 5 minutes or give it some revs.
This happened on and off every time I got it out, once it started again it was fine.
Then one morning it cut out, and then after riding another 30 seconds down the next road the oil light went on. Panicking I turned it round to go back and check the oil and in that time the oil light went back off and the oil was fine.
It did this, again, on and off.
Rode it down to Spain, no problems, it did randomly cut out mid day in about 35 degree heat after going up a hill. I forgave it for this and considered it nothing.
10 days later ride it off the ferry and it cuts out on the bridge between the boat and the land. Awkward. Didn't start for 15 minutes.

So this is the point that it goes to the shop. They service it, replace the battery, replace the regulator/alternator (I don't know what this is but apparently it will fix it.)
Take it out again and it's fine for a few days, then meet up with a group for a long ride out, fill up with petrol and then the engine just won't start so I have to jump start it and after 5 minutes of running on idle is cuts out and becomes increasingly difficult to jump start.

This time the shop replaces the generator (I also don't know what this is, looked like the thing Iron Man pulls out of his chest in the first movie)
So far this is all going quite cheaply, the lovely guys at Tsingtao Racing are digging parts out of race bikes - I strongly recommend them to everyone, lovely people.

I take the bike to the Isle of man the day after I get the bike back (timing is impeccable) and it's perfect until on the 3rd day heading up the mountain at 6am it cuts out. Started relatively easily though.
Motorway on the way home at 2am it cut out on the motorway. I think this is a seperate issue, when I looked it over the killswitch was on. Not sure how this happened.

So I'm back to square one with the engine cutting out.
However it does start and the oil light is staying firmly off which is nice.

It's still rideable, so long as when I stop I keep the revs up it seems, or just try very hard to not have to stop. I get a split second warning of when it's about to cut out, usually by the revs seeming to drop (although I haven't looked to see what they're doing on the dash because it happens so fast) so I can rev it up slightly. It seems to dislike me dropping the revs. The throttle response is also a bit off, it feels very jittery.

So that's my problem.
It's now not being used appart from maybe a fortnightly ride for about 10 miles.
I've had a couple of suggestions - sensors, valve clearances, "it wants to be sold". I'm hoping for a sensor problem as I hear valve clearances are expensive, and I don't want to sell it because I loves it :')

Thanks in advance for any ideas of what could be the problem, I'll go introduce myself properly on the newbie page :)


(Too long didn't read:

Bought a 2006 R6 which now has 27,000 miles on it,
started cutting out and showing the oil light and refusing to start after cutting out/being used about 3 months ago, has since had a replacement battery, alternator/regulator and genarator (i don't know what any of these are)
since having these fixes it has been easier to start after it has cut out and no sign of oil light, but it is still cutting out when throttling off/going to stop.
it is still rideable but is jittery and cuts out when going to stop unless it's revved which makes me look like a tw*t. :(.
Any ideas as to what it could be will be greatly appreciated :D )

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That or the pickup coil (crankshaft position sensor). My K8 GSX-R started perfectly when it was cold, but once the engine was warm, it was a nightmare to get it to start again. Fuel ups were impossible, it would not start! Idle would be a bit erratic, and prone to stalling.

It was really easy to test, with a multimeter you can measure the resistance in the two terminals. When the engine was cold the resistance was within spec, but when warm it went infinte, as an open circuit.

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There was a TPS service bulletin on the FZ-6 which was covered by Yamaha. Maybe you will be in luck and find this to be covered on the R6 also. Good luck

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I know a chap of ability in tracing awkward electrical gremlins , a bike mechanic that is anorak when it comes to electrics . But he ain't south coast he is west london .
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