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R.I.P. Joe Dado (Penn State Freshman)

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I am an Alum of Penn State, but came back up to visit my little brother for a few days. Upon arriving on Campus Sunday night we heard news that a Freshman was missing.

Fast forward to Monday and he was still missing. My brother texted me on his way to class to ask about a helicopter that kept circling campus. The helicopter, which circled campus for at least 3-4 hours, belonged to Pennsylvania State Police who helped in the search. Later on into the night, the FBI arrived to also help in the search.

Fast forward again to dinner in the on-campus dining commons and we overheard students talking about how they found Joe's body and he was confirmed dead. So sad...

Full story:

Penn State Student Missing | Onward State
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Wasn't there some "dude" like 150 years ago with a "theory" about survival of the fittest (or least stupid)? Maybe his name was Darwin?:beer

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You never did dumb shit, huh?
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