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So I finally got a smaller bike, I've been used to riding my zx12r or my gsxr1000, this is my first 600 sport bike. For wheelies on all my other bikes I don't seem to have any issue pulling up, when I pop the clutch and it's controlled. For the r6 I'm having to give it a lot more throttle sometimes up to 7-8k to get it to come up, and it still doesn't pull up more than a foot and a half. So trying to see if I'm doing something wrong. Or if I still need to give it a little more throttle since it's a 600.

The other part that is bugging me is that my 1000+ are geared for top end, and this one has sprockets to give me more low end, yet I'm still having issues.

And it's an 05 r6 if anyone has experience with them
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